11 Definite Traits of People with Green Eyes

People often say that the eyes are the window to your soul. Our eyes can tell when we feel sad, lonely or happy. In addition to revealing our true feelings, our eyes can tell many things about our personality. If we look carefully in the eyes of a person, we can tell if someone is lying, or is uncertain or confused.

Our personal appearance has a huge impact on our personality and traits. According to a recent survey, people’s perception of somebody can change by changing the color of their eyes with colored contact lenses. Brown eyes are the most common eyes while green are very rare. Only one to two percents of the human population has green eyes. Because of this fact, green-eyed people attract others like a magnet. Green eyes are hypnotic and rarely go unnoticed and are more common in women than in men. People with green eyes have great leadership qualities and have a passion for life. They are ambitious and very determined to get what they want. However, they can be very self-centered, calculative, stubborn and selfish at times. Green-eyed people know how to make others laugh and slightly devious. Read on to find out more about the traits of people with green eyes!


Green eyed people are usually very intelligent and possess great analytical skills. They have the ability to process information very quickly and they are capable of reaching their personal goals faster than others. They are highly intelligent, open minded, very good listeners and great speakers.

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Green eyed people are born leaders. They are good speakers and listeners, and will always find a way to overcome any obstacle in life using their sharp minds. They are very charismatic and they are often a more dominant partners in romantic relationships.


The most negative trait about green eyed people is jealousy. They don’t believe in compromising and have a short temper. People with green eyes have a tendency to make their partners feel uncomfortable through their jealous behavior and actions. They are often aggressive and ruthless, so never mess with them.


People with green eyes are very passionate about everything in life. They are trustworthy and loyal to their partners and friends, but they expect the same in return. They are hard working people, who are very committed to their job. Green-eyed people are patient, passionate lovers who tend to have long lasting relationships.


People with green eyes are very mysterious and secretive. They have mystic and unpredictable personalities. This makes them very attractive to the opposite sex.


Green-eyed people are very creative and imaginative. They are highly intelligent, talented and always filled with fantastic, innovative ideas.


People who have green eyes are born curious. They need to know everything and always try to be abreast with the last information.


When it comes to relationships, green-eyed people are very reliable, responsible and faithful. But they never forgive betrayal and hurt.

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Green eyes are often associated with feline characteristics. Green eyed people are spontaneous, agile, sneaky and appear cold at times. People with green eyes are very attractive and sexy, thanks to their devious and playful personality and their hypnotizing eyes. Green eyed people take risks in their lives and they are always willing to experience new challenges.


People with green eyes are usually very cheerful and vibrant. They enjoy every moment in their life and this zest for life is reflected in their choices and interests. They are very enthusiastic, energetic, and love adventures and challenging situations.


Green eyes are extremely rare but very beautiful, so these people are often considered to be the most charming and attractive people. They are very self-confident and have a magnetic personality.