Famous Car Logos And Names And Their Meanings

When you think about Ferrari, what comes first to your mind? It is the black horse with a yellow background, isn’t it? The intention of car designers is to make their cars easily recognizable by just looking at their car logos. A car company logo is a symbol consisting letters, slogans, graphics, and what not. In order to be memorable and unique, car company logos vary in shape, color, image and font. Car manufacturer logos are also an important part of car brand’s visual identity and certainly have an impact of customer’s decision. While many believe car company logos are not that much important, some of the most famous car brands in the world have designed excellent logos with meanings. Read on and find out the logos and the meanings of world’s most famous car brands.


Alfa Romeo is famous luxury Italian automaker. The company A.L.F.A. (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili) was founded in 1910, Milan by Alexandre Darracq and Nicola Romeo. Since 2007, the company is a part of the Fiat Group Automobiles. The Alfa Romeo logo is one of the most recognizable car logos in history. The emblem represents the coat of arms of the Visconti family, which was one of the most powerful families of Milan. In the 5th century AD, there was a serpent which devoured humans in the area around Milan. The serpent was slain by Ottone Visconti, so the brave deed was celebrated as a part of the coat of arms. On the other hand, the red cross on a white background celebrates the deeds of Giovanni Da Rio who was the first to climb the walls of Jerusalem and raise across there during the first crusade. The logo symbolizes a reversed shield over the great door of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan. When the company was acquired by Nicola Romeo in 1915, the logo was modified to feature the new company name “Alfa Romeo” above, with “Milano” across the bottom. However, the word “Milano” was taken off from the badge in 1972.


Audi is one of the most famous German car manufacturing companies, that designs and produces luxury vehicles. The company was founded in 1932 by August Horch. The four interlocking circles on the Audi logo represent the four companies that merged together in 1932 to form Auto Union AG; DKW, Horch, Wanderer and Audi. The silver color gives the logo a very sophisticated and modern look. The Audi logo was recently modified in 2009, when the logo received a 3D look and a new font which represents style and simplicity.


Volvo is a Swedish premium car manufacturer. The word Volvo comes from the Latin phrase “I roll”, which symbolizes the company’s desire to make transportation easier. The Volvo logo is a circle with an arrow pointing out and is actually an ancient chemical symbol for iron. This symbol is one of the oldest ideograms in the Western culture and depicts modern design. This unique symbol is also very similar to the traditional symbol for male, which gives the Volvo car an image of masculine strength.


Ferrari is famous Italian car manufacturing company that was founded in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari. The Ferrari logo is one of the best car logos on the market. The prancing black horse is an iconic symbol and has also become a true fashion statement. The logo was inspired by Francesco Baracca, who was a brave airman during World War I. He had this symbol on his plane and he was known as a national hero. Francesco’s mother asked Ferrari to put the black horse on all of his cars for good luck. In 1940, Ferrari has chosen to put the prancing horse on his cars and just added the yellow background which is the color of Modena, his birthplace.


Lamborghinis an Italian car brand and manufacturer of luxury sports cars. This car brand is renowned for its high-performance and classy cars that compete with Ferrari. Ferruccio Lamborghini was the founder of the company. He was a man who loved bullfighting, so it’s no real surprise that the famous Lamborghini logo was inspired by the fighting bulls. His passion for this sport is also reflected by the fact that most of the Lamborghini cars were named after famous bulls. The golden bull on as black background represents power, consistency, and courage.


BMW is an iconic German automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company which was founded in 1913. The BMW logo is one of the most recognizable car logos in the world. The company started off by manufacturing aircraft engines, which inspired the famous logo. The BMW logo features an airplane propeller spiraling by the blue sky. The logo also includes four quadrants in blue and white color, which are the national colors of Bavaria.


Toyota is a renowned Japanese automotive manufacturer. According to many, the Toyota logo is one of the best car logos on the market. The intersecting ovals of this logo which form the letter “T” and symbolize the trust between the company and its customers. The company has successfully managed to pack both hidden letter and a hidden meaning in their simple and attractive motor logo. If you look closely at the image, you can see where the letters T-O-Y-O-T-A are hidden in the logo. The other hidden meaning is that the logo is actually a thread going through the eye of a needle.


Porsche is a German automobile manufacturer that produces high-performance sports cars, supercars, hyper cars, SUVs, and sedans. The Porsche logo features the colors of the German flag, a picture of a horse symbolizing speed and power, and the name of the city where the company is based (Stuttgart). The background of the logo comes from the coat of arms of Württemberg, which is a former state in southwestern Germany and had Stuttgart as its capital.


Mercedes-Benz is famous German automobile manufacturing company, founded in 1926
by Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler. The Mercedes-Benz logo is probably one of the most recognizable logos in the world. The eye-catching and sophisticated logo was designed by Gottlieb Daimler and the three-pointed star represents the company’s dominance over air land and sea. Thanks to its beautiful and simple design, the Mercedes-Benz logo became the symbol of status, power and authority.

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