Top 10 Gorgeous 3D Butterfly Tattoos For Women

You like the butterfly as a symbol, but you don’t know what’s the butterfly tattoo meaning? The butterfly is a symbol that is usually associated with the power of transformation, as well as with death and rebirth. It is believed that people who choose the butterfly as a tattoo design, are prone to different types of changes in life.

Butterflies tattoos are probably some of the most popular tattoo designs, especially among women of all ages. Butterfly tattoos have a unique appeal and have always been the subject of artistic expression. With its vivid colors, striking lines and uniqueness, butterflies are definitely the most beautiful and delicate creatures in the world.

Psyche was a mortal princess and the goddess of the soul in Greek mythology and she is always depicted with butterfly wings. She was the wife of Cupid (Eros) and the mother of Hedone. Ancient Greeks believed that a human soul was born each time a butterfly emerged from its cocoon.

Different cultures saw the butterfly as a symbol of transformation and regeneration. Many people believed that human souls were carried by the butterfly from Earth to heaven while others believed that the butterflies were the human souls themselves returning to the Earth.

Because of their short life, butterflies were considered as a symbol of impermanence by ancient people. Butterflies are a symbol of beauty, love and flowers. They are also considered protectors of women who died in childbirth and the soldiers who died on the battlefield.

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However, the butterfly is not only a symbol of femininity. The Roman Emperor Augustus took the butterfly as his personal symbol. The warrior priests of the Mexican Popolucas peoples also had the butterfly as a motif on their chest. Their butterfly was a symbol of fire. In China, the butterfly is still a popular symbol of marital bliss and harmony. The butterfly is also one of the favorite symbols among Japanese warlords and their samurai.

There are millions of butterfly tattoo designs, and having this in mind finding the right design for your tattoo can be a difficult task. Tribal butterfly, Celtic butterfly, small butterfly, large butterfly designs – there is a wide range of options to choose from.

Throughout our lives, we will be faced with many changes and transformations. A butterfly tattoo is a great way to remember these important changes and can serve as a constant reminder that we must make the necessary changes when the opportunity arises.

We’ve collected some of the most beautiful and unique butterfly tattoos for you. Take a look at our collection of gorgeous 3D butterfly tattoos for women and choose the one you like the most!