Top 9 Negative Impacts Of Technology On Society

Modern technology has absolute control over our lives. Nowadays we work, love, shop, play and communicate with each other and the world online. We have embraced advanced technology, seeking only the benefits and completely ignoring the downfalls. The social impact of technology is huge because today we spend more time online than ever before and the Internet plays a key role in various areas of our lives. There’s no doubt that modern technology has facilitated our lives and our communication with the world, but it also has many visible flaws.

Critical Impacts Of Technology

Here are some of the most important negative effects of technology on society!


There are so many interesting things on the Internet, but if we would like to review and comment on everything, one life wouldn’t be enough. We only have one life and the day lasts only twenty-four hours, so we must use time wisely. Unfortunately, many of use spend hours and hours looking at mobiles, tablets and laptops, doing nothing clever. It all comes down to watching funny videos and photos, which provides only a temporary stimulus. The same goes for reading news and various articles. So, it is better to spend time in learning something new, walking in nature or drinking coffee with friends instead of constantly looking at our smartphones and computer screens.


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New technologies have very bad effects on our brains. Human brain cannot cope with the challenges of modern devices, so the excessive use of modern technology reduces our concentration, productivity and affects our way of thinking. After spending a few years on the Internet, we find it hard to sit down and indulge in reading a book. We permanently lose the ability to work on something serious. Many experts claim that the Internet makes us stupid because it turns people into zombies who are constantly clicking on irrelevant things.


The more time people are spending looking at their computer screens, playing games and talking to friends online, they are spending less time exercising and being active. This can result in increased consumption of unhealthy food, depression, and obesity. Also, there is a huge possibility of loss of eyesight and hearing, in people who spend too much time looking at computer and device screens and using headphones. Constantly looking at devices can also cause head and neck pain.


There’s no doubt that modern technology has improved the communication between people. However, there is a serious lack of contact with other people and social activities. We isolate ourselves because we prefer communicating online and we avoid face-to-face interaction. One day when we will need to call a real friend, we will realize that we can not trust in someone whom we know only from the Internet.

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Internet and many social networking sites encourage people to be public about their personal lives. Our intimate details can be posted easily and they remain available indefinitely. Even though most websites allow users to control who sees the things they have posted, such limitations are often forgotten. It is estimated that the problem with lack of privacy will only get worse with the further development of technology. The problem is the fact that users themselves do not have a great sense of privacy.


The need to be constantly online and up to date with everything creates an additional level of stress. For instance, studies have shown that most of us, from time to time, hear nonexistent mobile phone ringing or vibrating, which is a sign that the body is under huge stress.


Another negative effect of technology is the lack of sleep. Our online activities can keep us up too late and the ambient glow from the screens of our devices affects the release of melatonin (the sleep chemical). The best solution would be to keep technology out of our bedrooms.


The use of modern technology has caused a huge increase in bullying. Children aren’t able to escape their bullies because they infiltrate the security of their victims’ homes through online avenues. The serious increase in cyber-bullying has resulted in an increase in teen suicides.

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We are not only dependent on technology – we are addicted to it. Many studies have shown that when smartphones are taken away, people still heard of felt vibrations that weren’t there. They become nervous and restless, which are some of the withdrawal symptoms you would expect from doing drugs.